11 December 2020
Protector RG Mk1

The United Kingdom prepares to secure its first Protector RG Mk1

A few months ago, in the California sky, the inaugural flight of the Protector RG Mk1, the UK’s first remotely piloted aircraft, took place.

10 November 2020
space sector

Spending in the Space sector: waste or opportunity?

Investments in the Space sector are rarely perceived by the general public as something good.

3 November 2020

Industrial research and development of innovative payloads

In the field of telecommunications CubeSat Nanosatellites with a payload capacity to transmit data are at an advanced stage of development.

20 October 2020
Simonetta DI Pippo

The future ESA head manager? It could be an Italian.

The discussions for the new European Space Agency (ESA) head manager have already begun and among the favourites there is also an Italian!