12 March 2021
spazzatura spaziale

Space junk: what solutions for the future?

Space is becoming increasingly filled with "junk". What is space junk? What danger can it pose? How can it be eliminated?

26 February 2021

OneWeb: From its first launch to its rebirth

OneWeb is reborn after the crisis and turns around its initial plans. Let's find out together inside the article.

11 December 2020
Protector RG Mk1

The United Kingdom prepares to secure its first Protector RG Mk1

A few months ago, in the California sky, the inaugural flight of the Protector RG Mk1, the UK’s first remotely piloted aircraft, took place.

10 November 2020
space sector

Spending in the Space sector: waste or opportunity?

Investments in the Space sector are rarely perceived by the general public as something good.